WinTech Van

A reliable partner with a high level of safety and excellent driving comfort, even with the harsh winter conditions in Scandinavia.
For transport vehicles and delivery vans.


  • The reliable winter partner
    Outstanding grip on snow, even at maximum load.
  • Stability
    Stable, predictable driving and braking properties thanks to the reinforced tyre construction.
  • Enlarged contact area
    The wide shoulder blocks increase the contact area and improve handling.
  • Optimised safety
    Quick and maximum drainage reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

Technical details

Excellent traction and braking properties in snow.

Recesses in the pattern blocks absorb the snow so that the pattern grips the snow, resulting in improved traction properties. Additionally, the sipes form numerous grip edges for excellent braking properties in the snow.

Provides a high level of safety against hydroplaning.

Wide lateral grooves in the shoulder area and continuous longitudinal grooves improve water drainage and lower the chance of hydroplaning.

High mileage.

The tyre's flat contours ensure uniform pressure across the surface of the tyre, increasing its service life.

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    80 Series
    185 80 14102QDC73 BEPREL Database
    75 Series
    195 75 16107RDC73 BEPREL Database
    205 75 16110RDC73 BEPREL Database
    215 75 16113RDC73 BEPREL Database
    225 75 16121RDC73 BEPREL Database
    70 Series
    195 70 15102REC73 BEPREL Database
    215 70 15109REC73 BEPREL Database
    225 70 15112REC73 BEPREL Database
    65 Series
    195 65 16104REC73 BEPREL Database
    205 65 16107REC73 BEPREL Database
    215 65 16109RDC73 BEPREL Database
    225 65 16112RDC73 BEPREL Database
    235 65 16115RDC73 BEPREL Database
    60 Series
    195 60 1699TEC73 BEPREL Database
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