TransTech II

With the TransTech II, you’ll have a reliable business partner that supports you in safely transporting heavier loads with your van. Thanks to impressive handling, stable performance, and reliable driving and braking properties, the tyres will ensure that your transport goes smoothly and comfortably. The TransTech II won’t let you down even with sudden braking or swerving.


  • Driving performance when dry
    Improved driving performance on dry roads
  • Mileage
    Increased service life
  • Noise level
    A comfortable driving experience thanks to the lower noise level.

Technical details

Improved driving performance on dry roads

The optimised, rigid tread increases stability. This improves driving performance on dry roads

An economically advantageous tyre due to the increased service life

The flat contours and the optimised rubber compound reduce wear and extend the life of the tyre considerably.

A more comfortable driving experience thanks to the low noise level

The TransTech II features an impressively low noise level, ensuring a comfortable driving experience.

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    80 Series
    185 80 14102QDC72BEPREL Database
    195 80 14106QDC72BEPREL Database
    75 Series
    185 75 16104R
    195 75 16107RDC72BEPREL Database
    205 75 16110RDC72BEPREL Database
    215 75 16113RDC72BEPREL Database
    225 75 16121RDC72BEPREL Database
    70 Series
    165 70 1489RDC72BEPREL Database
    195 70 15104RDC72BEPREL Database
    215 70 15109RDC72BEPREL Database
    225 70 15112RDC72BEPREL Database
    65 Series
    175 65 1490TDC72BEPREL Database
    195 65 16104TDC72BEPREL Database
    205 65 15102TDC72BEPREL Database
    205 65 16107TDC72BEPREL Database
    215 65 16109RDC72BEPREL Database
    225 65 16112RDC72BEPREL Database
    235 65 16115RDC72BEPREL Database
    60 Series
    195 60 1699TDC72BEPREL Database
    215 60 17109TDC72BEPREL Database
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