FourTech Van

Hot and dry roads in summer or snowy roads in winter: The FourTech Van offers a high level of safety and excellent durability in all weather conditions.
For transport vehicles and delivery vans.


  • Reliable performance
    Perfect handling, short braking distances
  • Increased stability
    More stability thanks to the reinforced tyre construction
  • Wet grip
    Efficient water drainage protects against hydroplaning
  • High level of safety
    Optimised grip on snow

Technical details

Excellent properties on wet roads.

Stepped sipes with a longer edge length ensure good driving properties on wet roads and increase the tyre's rigidity. This results in improved braking performance and more precise handling in wet conditions. Wide lateral shoulder grooves effectively disperse water, making the tyre more resistant to hydroplaning.

Improved traction in snow.

Recesses in the tread absorb a lot of snow so that the pattern more effectively grips the snow, the stepped groove edges also improve adhesion. This ensures better traction and more powerful braking on snowy roads.

Safe cornering in all weather conditions.

The tyre offers excellent directional stability and safe cornering on dry, wet, and snowy roads, thanks to its ribbon structure with a reinforcement groove in the middle. Processing ribs in the shoulder ensure uniform rigidity, which has a positive effect on the dynamics of the car.

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    75 Series
    195 75 16107RCA73 BEPREL Database
    205 75 16110RCA73 BEPREL Database
    215 75 16113RCA73 BEPREL Database
    225 75 16121RCA73 BEPREL Database
    70 Series
    195 70 15104RCA73 BEPREL Database
    215 70 15109RCA73 BEPREL Database
    215 70 15109SCA73 BEPREL Database
    225 70 15112RCA73 BEPREL Database
    65 Series
    195 65 16104TCA73 BEPREL Database
    205 65 16107TCA73 BEPREL Database
    215 65 15104TCA73 BEPREL Database
    215 65 16109TCA73 BEPREL Database
    225 65 16112RCA73 BEPREL Database
    235 65 16115RCA73 BEPREL Database
    60 Series
    195 60 1699HCA73 BEPREL Database
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