Viking's assortment consists of a complete range of summer, winter, and all-season tyres for passenger cars, SUVs, and delivery vans. The various inch sizes and dimensions differ per range and type but are still very extensive. All winter and all-season tyres have been awarded the 3-PMSF symbol (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake) certification. As such, they meet the European requirements for winter tyres.

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TransTech NewGen

The new Viking TransTech NewGen is your wellbalanced solution for heavy weight. Supported by robustness, a competitive rolling resistance level […]

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ProTech NewGen

The high-end summer tyre from Viking. Optimum performance in all driving styles. Active, comfortable, stable, impressive handling and optimal grip. […]

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CityTech II

The Citytech II is an economically attractive tyre with low rolling resistance and high mileage.

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FourTech Plus

Whether it’s dry roads in summer or snow-covered slopes in winter, the FourTech offers a high level of safety for […]

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FourTech Van

Hot and dry roads in summer or snowy roads in winter: The FourTech Van offers a high level of safety […]

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Consistent driving and braking properties even in rapidly changing winter conditions, thanks to the improved grip and excellent performance on […]

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WinTech Van

A reliable partner with a high level of safety and excellent driving comfort, even with the harsh winter conditions in […]

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Viking tires

Viking tires have distinguished themselves for many years through high quality (made by Continental), absolute reliability and, not unimportantly, a competitive price. Viking has an extensive range of summer tires, winter tires and all-season tires. The winter tires and all-season tires bear the 3-PMSF symbol (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake). For you an assurance that these tires comply with European regulations. Viking tires are available for passenger cars, SUVs and vans.


Viking states that the most driving-safe advice is a summer tire in summer and a winter tire in winter. All-season tires are always a compromise despite the leap in quality in recent years. Which, by the way, works very well if the car in question does its mileage mainly in the city. Or in regions where winter does not have too much snowfall. Incidentally, for all tires and all seasons, the correct tire pressure is important for the life of the tires and for the driving safety of the car owner and his passengers. In both tire tests and sales statistics, Viking always features prominently.

Anyone considering buying new tires or changing tires due to seasonal changes would therefore do well to look at the Viking assortment. And did you know that Viking has made durability a top priority? In addition to material consumption, rubber composition and tread selection, this is the argument that always plays an important role in the development of Viking tires. Driving safety is obviously also a top priority. In addition to the quality of the Viking tire, it is important for its longevity and the environment, that you as a rider always pay attention to the correct tire pressure.